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Development and construction projects pose unique challenges, and managing multiple projects simultaneously can be daunting. Engaging a seasoned construction consultant to provide thorough up-front evaluations, reliable monitoring, and accurate, actionable intelligence is critical. Gateway’s team of development and construction professionals understand that every client and every project is unique, and both deserve solutions customized to their distinct goals.

Gateway Consulting provides a variety of services to organizations and individuals looking to improve operating efficiencies, feasibility, lower costs, manage risk, and exceed stakeholder expectations.

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The advantages of developing and building with Gateway 

Your team of experienced consultants will work with you to create a development project with peace of mind.

We assist property owners and investors solve challenges and create value with our comprehensive development and construction consulting services. We help you fill in the blanks and minimize the risk of the unknown.

We interpret, advise and deliver on your goals

Get the analysis and insights you need to move forward –with due diligence and strategic recommendations that prioritize high-risk findings before they become a problem.

We give you a comprehensive understanding of your property and portfolio so projects stay on-time, on-budget, and enable you to maximize long-term value and ROI.
When tough decisions come up, we help you make them. We interpret data, recommend appropriate actions, and provide creative solutions that help you solve your unique challenges.

Development Consulting

  • Review potential development options
  • Review the highest and best use of property
  • Review short-term and long-term strategy
  • Create proformas for each option create a budget
  • Provide proforma and budget template spreadsheets
  • Review timelines and scheduling
  • Provide recommendations for administration, bookkeeping, project management systems and process
  • Provide advice and guidance on expectations for working with the Planning and Building Department.
  • Assist with sourcing professionals and consultants as required (planner, surveyor, engineer, insurance, lender, appraiser etc)
  • Review plans such as the severance sketch, survey, site survey site servicing and grading plan, etc. to prevent costly mistakes and ensure efficient building
  • Creation of Microsoft teams group with Gateway Staff for ongoing project support, Q&A and communication.
  • Advocate for clients where consultant plans may not be congruent with the client’s desired outcomes
  • Coordinate with clients, professional planners, and other third-party professionals
  • Assist in coordinating with the municipality and any other governing bodies

Construction Consulting

  • Review fire separation designs and ensure wall types are the most economical and functional
  • Review consultant drawing to ensure various designs are congruent with one another and will not create on-site issues during construction
  • Assist with sourcing professionals and consultants as required
  • Advise and guide client through demolition process
  • Consult on building permit revisions as required
  • Create a project schedule and milestone chart and educate the Client on how to maintain and update
  • Create a project cash flow forecast and educate the Client on how to maintain and update
“Building with Gateway Conulting helped us reach our goals and on budget.”
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