Multi-Unit Development

Smart-Size with a Duplex or a Dual Occupancy Home


Smart-size your dream home while creating revenue in your duplex

We offer an end-to-end feasibility, design, project management, and construction service for property developments. We specialize in multi-unit, duplex, and dual occupancy home building and renovation projects.

Perhaps you have considered developing with a family member or friend and co-own the property? Or you might wish to live in one home and continue to enjoy all the amenities of the area you live in, whilst having the option to rent the other new home.
For investors and owner occupiers alike, knocking down a single dwelling on and rebuilding multiple homes via dual occupancy means you outlay costs for one block of land but develop multiple dwellings, creating potential new revenue streams.

Whatever your reasoning or investment goals, Gateway’s Design Build – along with our experienced project team – allow you to create quality duplex homes that don’t compromise on design or lifestyle.

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The advantages of building a
multi-unit home with Gateway

No matter what kind of multi-unit, dual living home you are looking to create, our Gateway team will deliver on the project you are looking for on-time and on-budget.

Our expertly crafted homes will give you maximum space and excellent value. To find out how we can help you with your multi-unit design build, get in touch with us today.

See below our most frequently asked questions regarding Dual Occupancy

Dual occupancy, duplex or multi-unit, it’s an ideal option for investors looking to maximize the rental return on their land, by renting the homes and receiving multiple rental revenue streams; or owner-occupiers who are interested in moving into one home while with the ability to earn income by renting or selling out the separate space.

From the initial consultation, your Gateway Project Manager will work closely with you to advise on expected timelines for pre-construction and construction of your dual occupancy / multi-unit home development.

Each municipality is different; however, your Gateway Project Manager will be able to assist in making this process as streamlined as possible. 

Our mission is to take the headache out of the planning process. It all begins with planning all the steps towards due diligence, from the application process to proposal to ensuring the application has the best chance of approval in a timely manner. We make sure you are involved in all the approvals and all changes requested.

Allow 6-12 months depending on the size of your home.

Our Gateway team will review the site for you and let you know what is possible. It’s part of our initial project consultation which is a complimentary service.

Our upfront development estimate includes complete Project Management. This will include a dedicated expert Gateway Project Manager who will guide you through the consultation, pre-construction, and construction phases. Reach out to speak with one of our Gateway Development Consultants who will be able to provide a complimentary project assessment to see what is possible on your property.

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